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Leather is a real piece of nature and it gives a natural character to your living room. Its softness, its breathing ability and its naturalness are the advantages compared to other upholstery materials. Additionally, your leather upholstery will be a real friend as the material is durable and long-lasting.

Protective care is best care
...and this is where leather needs support. Like the skin of a human being, leather can maintain its characteristics in daily use only with a little help.

Professional as well as regular cleaning and care avoid leather from getting dirty, dry and faded. This is crucial to maintain the beauty of leather.

Upholstery leather is much more demanding and of higher quality than e.g. shoe leather. It has a more natural finish and its pores are more open to breathe. For this reason, usual all-in-one leather care products are not appropriate and may even harm the leather structure.
Products from LCK – always on top
We developed our products – and still we do – in co-operation with tanneries and leading furniture manufacturers. Therefore, our products offer exactly what leather needs: cleaning without drying out and caring in order to maintain stain resistance, colour intensity and softness. However, it is important to know that our products do not contain any solvents or silicones.
Certified quality for quality furniture
These important characteristics of our products have been tested and certified by the German Tannery Institute in Reutlingen as well as by the Certification Institute for furniture (LGA). Furthermore, our products have been dermatologically tested. This is also one reason for our multiple references.
Professional help in any case
LCK can even help if dirtiness or damages already occured. Furthermore, we have a large assortment of products for professional leather repair work.

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