Care lotion for nubuk

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The deep-acting KERALUX® care lotion N provides nubuck leather with valuable moisture, optimal moisturizing and ensures a pleasant grip.

Before applying the KERALUX® Care Lotion N, cleaning with the KERALUX® Gentle Cleaner is recommended.

Application: Shake the bottle well before use. Spray the KERALUX® care lotion N evenly and thinly onto the leather. Proceed over a large area and always from seam to seam. If the care lotion is not absorbed evenly into the leather, spread it over the leather with a clean, lint-free cloth using light circular movements. Initial color changes usually level out again after the flash-off time

Then carefully brush the fibers of the nubuck leather with the KERALUX® cleaning and refreshing cloth N. A final treatment with the KERALUX® impregnation spray N with light protection is advisable.

Suitable for all suede leathers (nubuck, suede).

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