KERALUX® Cleaning Cloth for Nubuk and Suede Leather

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KERALUX® Cleaning Cloth for Nubuk and Suede Leather can avoid sticky and greasy material condition, takes

off dust, refreshes the colour of the leather and removes light stains and rings. Handling: Brush the leather

gently in all directions with the cleaning cloth at least once a month. Do not brush strongly at one single spot. In case

of stain, brush over a large area. If this does not help, we offer special cleaning products. Cloth and leather should be

completely dry. A slight colour wear is normal. The cloth can be washed after use. When using this cleaning cloth, some

rubber particles may come off, just as when using an eraser. This enables you to clean your leather both effectively and

midly. For regular protection of the leather (at least twice a year) we offer a protection spray.

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